We praise the Lord for His leading in your life and the interest you have in this ministry. Please use this information as a resource to get to know our ministry in a deeper way. We ask that you first read through our Statement of Faith and Church Covenant, which are available on the Our Purpose page of our site. The following instructions are provided to help you in your desire to unite with the membership of this church. Our leadership will be praying for you and for God’s leading in this decision.

Please print, complete, and submit this application to the church office.


Then plan to attend a new members meeting, normally held on the first Lord’s Day of each month at 5:00 pm in the pastors’ office area. Please let one of our pastors know that you will be attending. Upon approval, we will bring your request for membership before our congregation at the next scheduled ordinance (baptism or communion). Please call the church office at 317-839-6721 if you have further questions.

A saved membership is Biblical, and crucial for the blessing of God upon a local church ministry. When a church receives into its membership individuals who are unsaved, much harm is done both to the church and to these individuals. Unsaved church members often feel a sense of security because of their church relationship, which makes them more difficult to truly reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The mission of a church that lifts up all of God’s plan, including saved church membership, will go forward in strength as its testimony of God’s covenant and grace is lived out with one another before a watching community. We also have a charge to preserve and pass on sound doctrine as God has given it in His Word—the Bible. If we are to have the blessing of God upon us, we must guard against false doctrine being taught in our assembly, and faithfully hold to healthy doctrine, in order to proclaim His great Name. God-exalting unity and mission result when people gratefully understand that they live under God’s authority and goodness, revealed in all the Bible, and covenant to follow Him by grace, with other members of a local church body.