A letter from Jeff

Thanks for checking out our site. I hope you find it helpful.

At Calvary, we want to be a church that is all about God, the Gospel, and people like you. Our purpose is to bring more and more glory to God the Father by bringing the Gospel, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to more and more people, for our becoming more and more like Jesus. We abbreviate it by saying more and more people, more and more like Jesus. You may be wondering, if we want to be all about God and his Gospel, where you would fit in at Calvary. We are convinced that the most loving thing we can do for you is to focus and to help you focus, on God through His Gospel. The great and crying need of your heart, of everyone’s heart, is to know God. We were all created for Him. So our church’s commitment to God in no way diminishes our love for you, or our desire to help you. In fact, it enhances it.

That’s “the what” at Calvary. “The how” we summarize in three ways: prayer’s continuation, Scripture’s proclamation, and worship’s exultation. We want prayer, and even a spirit of prayerfulness, to permeate everything here. And we want to minister according to God’s Word and with God’s Word. We strongly emphasize a preaching and teaching ministry, as well as incorporating the Bible in all of our other ministries. Finally, we want the joy-filled worship of our great God to be the focus and motive in everything we do, so that we can truly say, “It’s all about Him.”

After you check out our website, I hope you’ll come visit us in person. I’d love to know you, and even more, to know God along with you.

Jeff Tague