Covenant Groups

Relationship + Mission

Covenant Groups are the relationships that put our mission into action : more and more people, more and more like Jesus.

If you’ve attended a worship service at Calvary, we think visiting a Covenant Group is a good next step for you. Each group meets weekly on Sunday mornings, and monthly outside of Sunday mornings, for a total of 5 times a month. On a typical Sunday morning, the group leader teaches a lesson from the Bible, and engages the group with questions. Outside of Sunday mornings, group get-togethers may vary! They range from service projects to holiday parties to prayer meetings.

So, pick a group, any group! You’ll learn how to apply the Bible to your life alongside other people. These aren’t just lecture halls; they’re the foundation for relationships in our church. That’s because our people have promised to love one another, and help one another become more and more like Jesus. That commitment to each other is why we call our small groups Covenant Groups.

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Brian Boston's Covenant GroupMeets in Room 201 on Sundays at 9am, and members' homes monthly.Mark
Herschel Tague's Covenant GroupMeets in the Auditorium on Sundays at 9am, and members' homes monthly.1 and 2 Peter
James Humphrey's Covenant GroupMeets in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays at 9am, and members' homes monthly.Theology of Mission

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